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You want to ride waves?

Welcome to Love The Surf Life

Surf advice, gear reviews & surf travel tips for beginner & intermediate surfers!

Love The Surf Life is the go-to surf resource for people who want to start surfing, or who have already started but are struggling to improve. Here you will find advice targeted at beginner and intermediate surfers, to help you discover more about this sport and lifestyle.

Whether you’re looking for reviews on the best surf gear, exercises to help you stand up on a surfboard, or travel tips for the best surf destinations around the world, here you’ll find that and much more!

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Greta & Alejandro

Hi, we’re Greta & Alejandro!

We’re just another couple brought together by the ocean, who want to share their experiences and knowledge with you.

Greta is originally from Milan, and after spending 10 years living in London, she realised city life isn’t for her. She escaped the corporate world to become a full-time travel blogger, and now recently found her home in Tenerife.

Alejandro is originally from Venezuela, and was born and raised by the sea. Alongside a career in tourism and event planning, Ale has always been connected to the ocean in multiple ways. He has also spent the last 25+ years surfing all over the world.

We started Love The Surf Life to help beginner and intermediate surfers on their surfing journey. So what are you waiting for? Read on and let’s start surfing!